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Herman Wanggai’s deceitfulness


Success two Papuan back to Indonesia cause by did not get what had been promised before they left become spirit for other papuans who still living in Australia to follow them. Between them are Yunus Wanggai, were part of a group of 43 Papuans who crossed the sea on a boat to Australia on Jan. 13, 2006, claiming they had been oppressed and were thus seeking asylum. Yunus Wanggai and family there are 1 daughter, Inekke (6 years old) and his wife Siti Wanggai (now in Vanuatu) expressing their willingness back to Indonesia. According to Yunus that it willingness back to Indonesia not cause by exhortation from other party but because would see his child who sick in Papua. Besides that,  Herman Wanggai and Jacob Rumbiak always rumors spread that if  they back to Indonesia, apparatus in Indonesia would be jailed and killed once they arrived. The rumors make them afraid to ekspress their wish to be repatriated. Therefore, if they already back to Indonesia, they
want to tell to everybody about Harman Wanggai’s deceitfulness. Based on information from one of the Papua’s activist in Vanuatu, Andi Ayamiseba that Siti Wanggai came to Vanuatu used illegally pasport, so that make her difficul to get confession as citizen in Vanuatu. For that, he insist to help her out from Vanuatu and back to Indonesia.

Previously two Papua residents Yubel Kareni, 22, and Hana Gobay, 23 said that they received threats from people against Papua’s integration with Indonesia. Thus at the Komnas HAM office Hana said If we insist on returning to Indonesia, they threatened to kill us because we were considered as traitors. For that came to the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) office for protection. Komnas HAM has sent a letter to the Papua governor and the Papua Regional Police. The letter, signed by commissioner Johny Nelson Simanjuntak, requested that the two youths be given protection and given their rights, especially in the field of education.

According to Yubel and Hana that on May 2004, they left for Australia along with 43 other Papuans, sailing on a traditional boat through Merauke, Papua. On January 2005 they arrived on Australia shores. Hana who was a student at Manado University said the 43 people were lured by the promise to receive free education in Australia. Each of them had to pay Rp 7 million to Herman Wainggai later known to be the main leader of the Free Papua Movement (OPM). In Australia, besides political asylum, they were also promised funding from the Australian government amounting US$ 450 every two weeks plus free housing. They later discovered that they were to be politically indoctrinated to support Papua’s separatist movement from Indonesia. Yubel didn’t even know until recently that he was categorized as a refugee seeking asylum. “We felt deceived,” said Yubel, who was a senior at Serui High school in Papua.


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